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#8443955 Sep 14, 2013 at 08:32 PM
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Have you read and understand the rules and guidelines at the top of this page?

I am a male.

Current username?

Previous usernames?

How long have you played Republic Commando?

What type of player are you?
I am a well thought out character, I have my wins and losses. I can win a match real easy, and take a 1v1 very seriously. On extreme rare conditions I become angry when someone kills me. And laugh a lot at things even when I die. And I say " :3 " a lot. :3

Do you have a microphone?
Yes I do, but I rarely use it.

Do you have teamspeak?

Do you have xfire? If so, what is your username?
No. But I can create one if necessary.

What country do you currently live in?
United States.

Have you been in any previous clans?
No. I like to think of myself as an independent for a very long time

Were you recruited by any members of ECS or Darksith?
No. But I have recently been playing on a server for Snipers. And I kept seeing what "" is all about.

How long do you plan to stay in ECS?
Preferably a long while.

What can you contribute to ECS? Try to answer in at least 3 sentences.
A lot of extreme fun, reality, peace, and friendship.

Anything else important that you think we should know about you?
I don't play Sunday afternoons till, 3-4 p.m. And on Tuesdays the evenings at around 5-9 pm. Wednesdays in the morning and afternoon.
Saturday mornings to afternoons.

Screenshots of scores:
I currently have none. But I come in 1-4 on a good amount of time. On my off days I come in 4-last. Or if I defend in a game I will probably end up
around 4-last.
#8485291 Sep 23, 2013 at 03:17 PM
Leader {LdR}
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Application looks good, all you need is xfire. If needed, you may need to apply for Darksith.
After getting xfire, add: nemo6741
My nickname should be [FC] / ]DE[ Daniel

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