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About ECS
What is ECS?

Elite Clone Snipers is a prestigious and growing community that includes top players from all across Republic Commando. It once started out as one man's desire to create a new clan, one that would be a fun and a great place to stay. From then, it has developed into what could possibly be one of the greatest Star Wars Republic Commando clans.

Not only is it a place to hang out and be with friends, it is also the place for new recruits to train and to become better players and people, inside and out. We focus on creating a rounded person, one with great sportsmanship and attitude, while at the same time maintaining a great level of skill. ECS is the place to practice, practice, and practice. The Leaders will train you to be the best players possible.

ECS has suffered through hardships, through the scorn of other clans, through the troubles and stress of maintaining the website, but the clan has pushed throught it all. It has risen with new strength thanks to the sister-alliance of Darksith, and has much more potential to become one of the most prestigious and honorable sniper-only clans.

The Clan is secure and well maintained, and is a great place to be in. Hours of work has been put into making this Clan the best it can be possible for its members. We hope that you can join us and take your place in the roster, and fight with the Elite Clone Snipers on your side.

- DrSprite